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Thread: Posting the Research Forums

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    Posting the Research Forums

    Posting the Research Forums

    Please, do not post the long URL's to the Research Forums. I spent several hours last night fixing Max's previous posts there that have long URL's in the front that are distorting the entire topic list. If you post articles in the Research Forums, please follow the example that I have set:

    1. Please check to make sure that the article has not been posted before by doing a search.
    2. In the topic title, place the first author (with et al. if there are more than two authors) or author & author (if there are two authors), followed by a date in parenthesis, and the title of the article. This allows people to identify the article by the authur, date, and title.
    3. In the front section, say why you are posting this article and why it is interesting. Do not post the URL's in the front.
    4. On the inside, please make sure that the text includes the journal citation.

    Please remember, the Research Forums are not meant for news articles. It is only for published journal articles in the medical literature. If you have a news article, place post it to the Health & Science News, Care, Cure, Life, etc. forums. The research section is supposed to be a compendium of scientific articles that people can refer to, discuss, and be able to easily search for articles published in the medical or scientific literature.


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