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Thread: Traffic dropping

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    Traffic dropping

    I don't know if people have noticed but during the past month (July), the number of daily visitors have fallen to about 1000. There was a big upsurge in May to nearly 1500 per day. Is there a reason why? Do people come to the site less during the summer because there is a lot more to do? Wise.

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    I would guess people are outside enjoying life

    ... ...

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    I agree with JLB

    Many are on vacations

    And not many are workaholics, like you Wise

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    Well, for a long time we have seen that less people come to the site on weekends. This is most interesting because I would have thought that people would have more time on weekends to peruse the site than on weekdays. During the summer, the traffic (number of visitors) fall to about the level of our weekend traffic. Wise.

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    Could it be that we've exhausted many topics?

    I think we need some new challenging news.

    Onward and Upward!

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    OH dear....

    I agree with Chris...again--hey Chris does that freak you out as much as me???

    Hee hee

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    I agree

    with Chris, we need some much needed good news. Too many common topics with very little meat and potatoes. Bob

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    Traffic drop off

    I surf the net alot. Have noticed, site traffic down on all the sites.

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    Weekends and summers are vacation and errand running time. I've noticed this on other sites and also on AOL health chats for SCI and MS. By October everyone is back but July? We barely have 4 or 5 people in what are large chat groups normally.

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    Summer is the answer to the first. Even though som do not have a steady job, many have, and over time during summer lots of those have a vacation. This leads to the other topic, traffic drop during weekends. Even though it seems reasonable that people would visit more in their hollydays, and weekends where they should have enough time, statistics prove that most traffic to websites with readable content, such as messageboards and newssites, happens during working hours. It might be because people have to little to do at work, or maybe people just use their lunchbrake for more than just eating. Personally I love to spend 10 - 15 minutes in the morning to catch up on news about the world, and to be honest, my boss gets to pay me for it :-)

    In the evenings and weekends people will then go for sites with mainly entertainment such as games sites, and chatrooms.

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