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Thread: Profile pictures are tiny?

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    Profile pictures are tiny?

    Why are the profile pictures all shrunk down to postage stamp size?


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    You can put bigger...

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    Avatar feature

    Scorpion, this is a new thing that came with the 2.2 version software that can display the picture under your name on the posts, called the avatar feature. There is an option to adjust the sizes of the pictures in the profiles... they are currently set at 48x48 pixels. I just turned on the avatar feature on... As I hope you agree with me, having a picture by the post there really helps give the postings "face". I would love some feedback on the subject. I can change the size of the displayed picture but cannot do so if the avatar feature is turned on (because it would take too much download time).

    Unfortunately, images that are not square will look distorted. You can avoid this by cropping the image so that it is squared.


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