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Thread: Newly injured and Sygen

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    Newly injured and Sygen

    Dr. Young,

    A friend of a friend last Friday sustained a SCI, C6. Do you recommend Sygen? He is currently at a fine University but I have recommended that they they move him to a SCI Model hospital, the one that I was in. It has been over nine years since my accident. Things have changed. Do you have any advice that I can pass on?

    Thank you.

    Karen M

    Karen M

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    Karen M, I am copying this post to the Care Forum where more people can see it.

    At the present, there is no data that suggests that GM1 will improve the final extent of recovery. The recent clinical trial reported by Geisler, et al. (see topic in the Research Forum suggests that GM1 may accelerate recovery particularly in people with incomplete spinal cord injury. While the trial left open the possibility that longer duration and higher dose GM1 therapy should be tested, I don't think that the current data is sufficient to warrant a recommendation of its use currently.


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    Immediate access to a supplier of Sygen

    Dr. Young,
    A close friend of mine in Southborough, MA had a severe spinal injury this week. His wife is urgently looking for a contact for acquiring this medication to assist her husband. Could you possibly let me know if it is available in the U.S. or in another country, and do you have the name, address, and phone number of a supplier. Thanks in advance for your immediate response.

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    The company that makes GM1 or Sygen is Fidia in Italy. I don't think that they are selling GM1. However, a company by the name of Trans bussan based in Geneva is selling the drug in Switzerland and in Brazil. It has been some time since I talked to anybody from that company and the latest address and information that I have is:

    Dr. Guido di Napoli
    Managing Director
    Trans Bussan S.A.
    12, rue Michel-Servet
    P.O. Box 352, 1211 Geneva 12 - Switzerland
    office: 41-22-346-9955; fax: 41-22-346-5390;


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