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Thread: Missing forums?

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    Missing forums?

    Wise, The research, trials and doc/clinic forums aren't showing up on my main forums page? The whole site seems to be hiccuping the last few days; losing my posts, going back to the wrong post, and taking forever to bring up a post. Anyone else having problems?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Jackie, last Friday (a week ago), infopop did shut down the site for a few hours to do some hard disk replacement. It occurred before I knew what was happening and since nobody complained, I did not even announce it.

    In general, I have not noticed any posts dropping out or missing. A few have been moved by moderators. If the forums are not showing, the problem is likely to be in your cache. Most browsers store images of the site on the disk so that it doesn't have to repeatedly download everything every time you go to a site. If a file or image of the site in your cache is damaged, it may not show up properly. The best thing to do in such a case is to quit your browser and then restart it. This usually clears part of the cache.

    On Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, you can change the way the browser caches the sites. For example, on Internet Explorer, you can tell the browser to reload all files every time you start a new session (i.e. when you quit your program and start it again), compare the contents of the site with what is in the cache every time you go to it, and also set the size of the cache. The latter is important because there is a lot of information that is being downloaded with each page (up to 160 Kb) and it can quickly fill up even a large cache.

    My advice is to set the browser to compare the contents of the site with what is in the cache every time, to reset the cache every time you quit and restart the browser, and to limit your cache size to 10 Mb. This way, it ensures that what you see is really what the site currently is displaying. Although resetting the cache every time you quit and restart the browser may lead to longer download times initially, this only takes only about 10 seconds or so (depending on your modem speed or internet connection). Finally, by limiting your cache to 10 Mb, the browser will replace some files when it reaches the limit during very long sessions, reducing the likelihood of corrupted files in the cache.

    You can tell when there are corrupted files in your cache when images do not fully load (for example, the carecure community image), when forums do not show up, etc.


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    Thanks, Wise - I'll have to get Chris to help me with the translation! the forums are back, so maybe it happened during the shutdown - or maybe it was the gremlins again!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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