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Thread: esphophgeal spasm - Any Solutions out there - thank you!

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    esphophgeal spasm - Any Solutions out there - thank you!

    >C6-7 injury on 9-2-01, 43 yr old male, transferred to rehab from trauma on
    >10-9. Presently receiving most nutrition from feeding tube. Problem:
    >Esophageal spasm. Have had 2 videos and GI series, problem is not in the
    >throat. Rotagen prescribed, no help, patient still choking frequently on
    >pureed foods. Now nitroglyercin is being tried as ONLY alternative. If you
    >know of an alternate remedy, please advise.
    >Thank You


    I assume that you are the caretaker, nurse, or doctor. I don't have
    much direct experience with feeding tubes and can only comment

    Assuming that there is no esophageal stenosis and no history of
    gastroesophageal reflux before injury, I would suggest two relatively
    straightforward solutions, if you have not tried them.

    1. Most esophageal spasms occur because of irritation by the feeding
    tube. If you are using polyvinyl tubes, you should perhaps switch to
    silicon tubing which are softer and less irritating.

    2. Usually nitroglycerin should help. Calcium channel blockers are
    sometimes useful for reducing the spasms. I don't know Rotagen at
    all and cannot comment.

    You may want to post this in the Care Forum to ask our SCI-Nurses
    whether they know of some solution.


    Wise Young PhD MD, Professor II & Director
    W M Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience
    Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
    604 Allison Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8082
    tel: 732/445-2061, fax: 732/445-2063

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    nancy, I am copying this topic over to the care forum... You should be able to post there now. Wise.

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