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Thread: No Pop-up Banners !!!

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    No Pop-up Banners !!!

    I really don't think that people should be able to add pop-up banners "Win Instantly " crap on to their posts. We have to put up with this #%*# enough as it is. It's everywhere on the net. I really hope everyone feels the same, and we won't have to put up with it here on our forums too. This is not the place for this type of thing. If you haven't noticed it, it's in the Life forum, no offence to the person, just the pop-up. Please don't allow these, it's not like it's a free speech issue. Thank-you.

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    Guest, I think that you may be referring to Max's postings where he has a Lotto Plus banner. He was asked about this and replied that the reason he has this banner on is because it pays part of its proceeds to the International Red Cross to support those affected by the September 11 attack. Wise.

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    I agree

    I agree. Everyone has a cause they want to support but who would police what is and is not appropriate and allowed. Since every Tom,Dick and Harry is giving part of their proceeds to the Sept. 11 funds, this could open the board up to all types of commercial as well as NFP pop-ups.

    Personally, I hate pop-ups (or pop-unders) and avoid sites that use them. They can make it very difficult for people with limited mobility to use a site as well as you must use the mouse to move or delete them, and for some people having all those extra windows open really slows down their computer.

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    Ditto to everything Kld said, and more. Did Max also tell you he gets $6.00 and 10% of all the money that a person drops when they go on that site. I really don't feel the purpose of is to give the victims of Sept 11th mere pennies. If this is allowed you will be opening up a whole new can of worms. This site will become infested with commercialized banners and no one will want to come here, Please Wise, stop it now before it's to late! PLease keep our community free from all this garbage and be the place that it was meant to be. Thank-you

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    Guest and KLD,

    I will write to Max to ask if he would take the Lotto Plus banner off his postings. We should be doing this in a collegial manner.

    Let us parse the issues out further.

    1. Free Speech. I am not so sure that this is not a free speech issue. Max has said that this Lotto Plus banner supports a cause that he is in favor of. I have gone to that site and indeed the site indicates that a portion of the proceeds goes to the International Red Cross. Are you suggesting that we disallow moving images on postings concerning any cause that a member supports? I am not sure how we would or should define a cause that is appropriate.

    2. Allowing moving images and icons on postings. I have set this bulletin board so that people can post active links and also images (including moving and blinking images) on the postings. I agree with KLD that there should not be any popup windows because it would interfere with some people's use of the bulletin board. I have disabled html for the postings and so people should not be able to do popup windows or more complicated displays. However, this should not be the case for banners that are within postings. Are you suggesting that we stop allowing people to use moving images and icons?

    3. Slowing down the response time of the bulletin board. Also, although allowing moving icons and images does increase the download time somewhat, it is really minor compared to more significant slow downs from other features. For example, KLD, I have set the reply page to display a scrollable window of all the posts on the same topic. You liked this feature. However, this little feature greatly increases the file size (typically 90 Kb or more) and download time every time a person is making a posting. In contrast, icons and moving images typically add 4-8 Kb per moving image. By the way, on most browsers, a user can hold the Control key down when pressing the Post button, to open a new window which should leave the old window on the screen for people to look at while responding.

    4. Advertising. Where should we draw the line regarding advertisement on postings? In a way, one can perhaps regard the Lotto Plus icon as a form of advertising. But, who will draw the line on what is appropriate? If we implement a policy against advertising, it should be clear and fair. Incidentally, I did not realize that Max gets $6 and 10% of the first credit card drop that a person uses on that site.


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    As I already explain I post this banner in support of International Red Cross charity,
    yes I get a % whICh I either donate or play in hope to win money for sci recearch if it hazppen...

    I expressed many time my wish to have banner website to disseminate it on sci related websites..
    As you know me Wise, I am the only one who added link to this website to my e-mail signature..

    Since kld & guest does not comprise majority here I would like to ask them to post a poll on life forum,but impartial one...

    I am temporary taking it off \, till we'll see the results of such impartial poll.

    all the Best to everyone


    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

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    Max, thanks... I am trying to develop a suitable image/url that people can use on email and posting... Wise.

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