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Thread: Equipment/supplies forum?

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    Equipment/supplies forum?

    What does anyone think of a forum that posts websites, info, feedback, etc., on equipment and supplies? Seems like there's lots of info on the different forums re chairs, beds, splints, cushions, etc.

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    Marmalady, I like the idea. There was an equipment forum at Cando but not all that many people went to visit it or posted... I would gladly put one up if people are interested. Wise.

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    What about also allowing people to post items they may have to sell/give away to someone who needs it? For instance, after my daughter's accident, the hospital ordered a tub bench for her [you know, you transfer onto this bench, which sits in the bath tub, and you can shower from there.] Only problem was, our bathroom door was too small for her to fit through it in her chair...and the hospital wouldn't take it back...and we tried to donate it to another hospital, with no luck. I would have been thrilled to find someone to GIVE it to rather than see a brand-new, never been used piece of equipment sit around my house! Would something like this work, or be feasible? [BTW, we ended up giving the bench to a local nursing home]

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    Selling or donating medical items to people in need

    Yes I think you have a good idea when it comes to having someplace on the Web to either buy, sell, or give away medical items that people can use. I myself have several good used wheelchair parts that I'd be willing to donate to anyone in need of them. I also make and sell custom tire chains for wheelchairs so that wheelchair users can get around in the winter. living here in Alaska I have found that without these tire chains I would not be able to get around in the winter. I think that a good many people would benifit from a Web site that deals in medical supplies (either for trade, sale, or to give away). I am new to the Internet, and so far I have found that the Web is the way to go if you are looking for something. Lets hope that someone will come up with a Web site that deals in medical supplies sometime soon, because there are a lot of people out there who could use these medical supplies.

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