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    hi doc everything is looking good for me going to moscow, for this human trial, still awaiting for his responce this is going to be very interesting
    i also have doug brown head of spinal unit austin medical centre. i must say doc that u are doing excellent job in this criteria. and all my respect to the people of new york and follow americans. i know when we went thrue it in czech.rep russia taking over 1969,very sencless work on innocent people i was ten and it really made me aware what could happen anywhere.
    well anyway is must say bye and keep u informed

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    Thanks, Jerry, for sharing the information. Let us know what happens.

    I just came back from a walk through Union Square which is downtown 14th street (about 20 or so blocks for the WTC). It is really interesting how crowded the streets are at nights this week, compared to before. I think that everybody in New York is out on the streets because few people want to be be home alone. The restaurants are crowded. Union square was the place where many people put flowers and so on to express their feelings about the event. Somebody had taped paper on the ground all around the park in Union Square and many people had written messages. Some messages thanked those who had given their lives to save others. Other messages called for peace and an end to the violence. Hundreds of people are milling around. Somebody is giving speech on one side.


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