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Thread: to all americans:

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    to all americans:

    we are sorry to hear about the loss of people
    and the tragedy to human kind, this life has to go on with peace and harmony, never ever to see and hear such anger and destruction, us humans have to educate humans not to kill nor destroy our love for living and joy.
    Americans i am honoured and stand for your country no one should attack people like this it really sucks go and get the assholes and teach them a lesson god bless the people of america
    thank you jara

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    I would also like to offer my condolence's and heartfelt sympathy to all American's affected by the gruesome, barbaric and coward terrorist attack yesterday. This tragedy has touched the hearts and angered the mind's of millions around the world. Our prayers are with all of you and good luck and GOD bless!

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    My truly sentiments to American People and some of called human beings that are able to act as we could repeatedly see on TV all over the world.

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