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    to wise young

    hi doc
    i am letting u know that i may have a chance to go to russia the medic is victor seledtsov in russia hes on the board as well,for these neuro transplants he has asked for medical reports and m.r.i.
    iam willing to try this and see what happens i really got nothing to loose except gaining ,what are your thoughts to this doc.
    should know within in next few weeks (iam c/6 comp,with myastenia gravis)everything is settling down with myast.gravis,
    also what do u think of medical hospitals in russia are they up with the western world.
    hope to hear from u soon doc.
    jerry (jara is in czech language)
    thank you dr,wise young

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    I don't know the doctor that you mentioned. What made you decide on him versus the others that are mentioned here for Russia.


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