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Thread: Too much power?

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    Too much power?

    As Melliska showed, users who originate a topics can delete the topic. Once deleted, a topic and all its enclosed messages are gone forever (unless they are smart enough to copy and repost the messages, as Melliska did). It is irreversible; the administrator cannot retrieve deleted topics and messages. Unfortunately, there is no option to give just the power of deleting messages without the power of deleting topics. Is it too much power to give? Which do you prefer?

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    I don't know if this is possible, but I would suggest a compromise. I think anyone should have the ability to delete their own posts. However, when it comes to deleting an entire topic I would suggest that the originator of the topic should be allowed to delete the topic only if there are no replies posted. Once a reply is posted by someone other than the originator, only the administrator should be allowed to delete the entire topic. - Joe

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    geez dr. young, now i really feel stupid for messing up. (just kidding) i was wondering if you could retrieve it, but it looks like you already answered my question.

    my problem with it was that i guess i didn't check to make sure that only my last post was in the delete/edit box. if i had looked i'm guessing i would have seen the whole thread and not just the last post that i had screwed up. is there any way to change the deletion message to say one thing for deleting a single post and another for deleting the whole thread? maybe then people in a hurry like i was would have an extra warning. i guess i just need to get over not wanting to edit things when i make a mistake. that edit message just bothers me somehow. melissa

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    Dr. Young,

    Maybe there is a way that it could be worked differently.

    One of the things I like is being able to edit or delete something I post. Yet I know what it is to have someone delete their topic and your input on it. I believe we all like to have others listen to our opinions on the topics brought up and feel bad about having your opinion deleted also.

    Just last week I posted a viewpoint in NM and apparently the person felt that he wasn't getting any support on their point of view. The person deleted it without letting others post their opinion. Many of them were pretty upset because they were not allowed that option. I didn't like the fact that what I had replied had been deleted. The reason for it was that I felt that my opinion was of no value since it was deleted.

    I think that if there could be a way of deleting
    only the person's post instead of the whole topic, it might be a better solution. That way we would still have our say on the subject. Maybe others might have some more suggestions like John had and could put them here for you also.

    Just an idea.


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    How about using the edit feature to delete one's own post? The space may be there but not your words (if said in haste, etc).

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    I think that

    It should be changed so that we can delete and edit other peoples posts, when someone lashes out at another person (which seems to happen to me a lot) that person could go in and change the other persons post to something like "have a nice day" or "you are such a great person". I think this would be a great idea.

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    Melliska, please don't feel bad. I had not realized that people could delete a topic. I thought that this was a power reserved for moderators and administrators. Furthermore, the program should have at least put up a more informative warning message, including BIG BOLD WORDS saying that you are about to delete the entire topic with everybody else's postings. So, I think that this is a bug in the infopop program. In any case, I will write to the company and see if they have a suggestion or whether they would change the program.

    Raven, I agree. I think people should have the power to delete their own posts but this may be too much because it allows the topic originator to delete the postings of others. Also, when even an experienced user such as Melliska can make a mistake and accidentally delete a topic, that is not good.

    So, for the time being, I am going to take away the ability of users to modify but not to delete postings. So, people can always blank out the contents of one's postings if they want. You can then write the moderator and ask for the blanks to be deleted.


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    If we had the power to delete and edit other peoples posts could you imagine what it would be like around here.If it seems like your words are always under attack now imagine if everybody had the power to make your words disappear or change them.I think that kind of power should belong to the moderator and G.G im sure is wise enough to handle it.As for being able to delete your own posts why not...

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    Dr. Young,

    I believe that your idea is even better now. I am sure GG will do that job well. Plus, the whole topic would not be deleted nor the others' thoughts on the subject.


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    don't worry about it, dr. young. i was just kidding about feeling stupid. (although i did tell my mom i was dumb after i thought i deleted it...but i guess that's nothing new the funny thing is though, i didn't actually delete the thread like i thought. (so much for me being an experienced user lol)

    you hit on the same point i had about warning people that they were deleting the entire thread. a warning message would help people realize what they were doing even if they were in a hurry. the new way you set everything up looks like it will be a good solution though. it will be more of a compromise (like joe mentioned) then just putting in a warning message. melissa

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