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Thread: Too much power?

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    omaha, ne

    late but...

    sorry i didn't see this thread earlier. hope it's not too late to put my 2 cents in.

    i'm with raven regarding deleting threads. it is discouraging to time and thought into something just to have it disappear.

    regarding individual posts, i have some mixed feelings. on nm, individuals have in the past written posts to provoke someone, and then once the person responds, they delete their post making the responder look like a total jerk. editing has similarly been used to make people look bad.

    on the other hand, i know of an instance where someone innocently posted some information about someone else that the someone else didn't want posted. that person asked the poster to delete the message, and all was set right. a further arguement in favor of editing and deleting posts is the obvious: we all make mistakes.

    one solution (which of course would take some programming on the part of infopop) would be to create a folder in which original copies of all deleted and edited posts would be kept. only the moderators would have access to them. if someone felt that a message had been edited or deleted abusively, they could appeal to the moderator who could then review the message in question and decide whether to restore it, or leave it alone. messages would stay in the folder for a certain amount of time, then be automatically deleted if there were no appeals (to save moderators time, and to save storage space).

    i think the fact that the forums here are actively moderated and monitored will cut down on a lot of the micky mouse that goes on elsewhere. still, it might be good to have the option available just in case.


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    Wise, you posted, "So, for the time being, I am going to take away the ability of users to modify but not to delete postings...."
    I don't understand, why would you take away a user's ability to edit their posts? Maybe I'm reading it wrong, I don't know.

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    rdf, I miswrote. I meant that I am taking away the ability of people to delete their posts but not to modify their posts. If you try, you will find that you can modify your post but the delete button post button should no longer appear.

    By the way, I have also set it so that people have two days to modify their posts. This is to avoid the situation where somebody is responding to a post and then somebody then change the posting to make the response look silly or stupid.

    The goal of the forums is to allow people to express their opinions in a way that the community can listen in and participate. Many valuable ideas and information can be passed this way. We will also be using the flow of ideas from these forums to drive content development for the site.


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    deleteing posts

    I think we should be able to delete our own posts. I do not believe that we should be able to delete an entire thread as has been said here already. It is not fair to other ppl who have posted their own thoughts on a long thread.

    However Curtis has a good idea too !!! lol

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