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Thread: SCIWire is now active!!

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    SCIWire is now active!!

    Two weeks ago, we reserved the names and for this site. NetworkSolutions have finally gotten both of these names now to direct traffic directly to this site. So, now, you can simply type SCIWire and your browser will take you to the forums. will take you to the carecure site ( By the way, that site crashed earlier today and hopefully will be up soon.

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    Dr. Young: That' great that the web site has a new name, what browser do you use? I've tried Google, Yahoo, Excite and can't find it there yet.

    Also I'm having problems with the Edit, Delete feature, any suggestions?

    Keep up the good work!

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    I have not tried yet to register the site with any major search engines. NetworksSolutions can and will do that but I hoped to get the site a bit more presentable first. For example, I would like to get (which points to site cleaned up and full of great articles. I would also like to get a sciwire logo set up for this site. There is plenty of time in the coming months to drive traffic to the site. I would like to get the quality of the site up first.

    We are currently growing at about 5% per day... In my opinion, this is a reasonable growth rate, allowing people to settle in and become part of the community. I would prefer a stable community that comes in regularly than a very large community with many one-time visitors, unlike the MGH site which has hundreds of thousands of postings but seems more impersonal. What do you think?

    Regarding browsers, I have tried them all and find that Internet Explorer does the best job of showing and displaying this site. Netscape seems to have some problems with the font sizes and also seems to add miscellaneous letters to the postings. Both Explorer and Netscape will automatically place a .com at the end of an address if you do not supply one.


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    Regarding the edit and delete buttons...

    Are they not responding? Are you using voice-activated software? What browser are you using?

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