One other question, I have been thinking of setting up two other forums: "Centers forum" and the "Therapies forum". The first would discuss places that deliver more accepted therapies that are not in clinical trials... i.e. Hank Bohlman's chronic decompression of the spinal cord, Barth Green's untethering and treatment of syringomyelic cysts, titanium cage reconstruction of the spinal cord, supported ambulation centers, exercise programs, Sister Kinney's rehabilitation methods, etc. This could also include 150 or so rehabilitation centers around this country that take care of most of the spinal cord injured in the nation. I can also include places in Canada and overseas.

The second would be the various medications and surgical procedures that are commonly used to treat spinal cord injury. I can post a description of the treatment and people can indicate their experience or ask questions about the therapies.

Would there be interest in such forums? If you have other ideas, please post them here. Thanks.