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    Dr. Young,

    Any chance of a chatroom being set up in the future? I know, I know....pushing it, ain't I?

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    Thanks. I am looking into that possibility. Wise.

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    Dr Young,

    I would imagine if you called either PeopleLink or Akonix (both are early stage eCommunity companies) they would gladly provide the Chat capability for free - they could use the exposure/user feedback and it would benefit a good cause.

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    Ken, thanks. I am continuing to evaluate chat technologies and have every intent to choose one to implement. I will call the people that you suggest.

    We have several possibilities... one is to set up chat software on our main server. The other is to use one of the commercial providers to host a chat. My preference would be for a site that has no advertising and one that is best suited for people with limited hand typing capabilities.


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    I see I'm not the first...

    I just emailed you about this a few minutes ago. I should have checked this first. So... what's the status? I think it would be great.

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    Dr. Young

    Checked out the Akonix website and found that they have three different chat programs. I thought they were very good. If you want to check their programs this is the url for it:

    Chat Blazer Gold (Akonix)


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    I've participated in forums...

    where chat was later added. IMO it added to the quality and volume of postings on the forum. I'm anticipating having chat available here because I know the new dimension of interaction will have a big effect.

    In slower websites it's kind of a downer cuz there's never anyone in the chatroom.

    In this web site I think it will be a constant boost.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Well Jeff.

    Ill chat - but not at 2:30 a.m. - well not with everyone at 2:30 a.m. maybe a few, once a week, on a good day.....hee hee its a good idea!!!

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    Racing Wheelchair

    Anyone know of any wheelchair racers in Florida?

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