I have been curious as to what the number of "views" by each of the topics indicate and so have conducted an informal survey of what happens when I "view" the topics.

First, the number of views does not increase right away after a viewing. For example, I just viewed a number of topics that had zero views and reloaded the pages. The number remained at zero. This means that although the server may have logged in the views, it does not update the counts on the display until some time later. The information must be placed on some kind of log file and the bulletin board program activated a regular analysis of the log file.

Second, the posted number of views does not increase with repeated viewings, at least by myself. So, for example, several topics have had very few viewings. So, I viewed those topics several dozen times. The number of viewings did not increase. By the way, I hit the reload button on the browser to make sure that the information is not simply retrieved from the browser cache. From this, I conclude that the number of views represent the number of individual users who have viewed that topic.

As an administrator, I have access to the statistics for the page and know that the number of page views reported by the site is conservative. At the beginning, when I first set up the site and when nobody else had access to it, I was able to see how the site counted my visits. No matter how many times I revisited a topic, it logged in only one page view unless I posted on the site. Therefore, I think that the number of views of a topic is a very significant number. For example, several of the topics have over 500 views. That means that over 500 users have looked at the topic.