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Thread: "post" colors

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    "post" colors

    to webmaster, please set colors of posts to change once they're visited

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    Do you mean changing the colors of individual posts under a given topic? How will the bulletin board program know that you have read the post? I suppose that it might be possible to allow people to click individual posts to indicate that the post has been read but it also means that the bulletin program would have to create a different page for everybody who visits each topic (since different people will have read different posts). This would create an enormous overhead for the program. This bulletin board is already averaging close to 10,000 page views per day. I don't think that it will be easy to do this. Wise.0

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    some web software changes the colors of the letters of a visited link. it only accurs on the users pc via cookies(i think). anyways, i mknow front page has it. it does not require any extra pages. its just a property of a hyperlink.

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    This bulletin board tracks the topics that you have read and when there is a new posting in the topics, it will put the lighted lightbulb next to the topic. Indeed, that is done by cookies. Wise.p

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    i am talking about the osts. i dont have time to read them all in one sitting. without them changing colors aftr i have read inside the post, i never know what ive read. it works on home page, just not the posts

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    im a retard. sorry

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