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    Message Icons

    In a recent posting from Bilby, he asked if I could create "another message icon" for him. Message icons are those that show up on the left column next to the message titles. Within the message itself, we are limited to the default icons that UBB allows. On the other hand, UBB does allow the placement of any image (just click the image button and provide the URL for the site that holds the image) but this seems more time consuming and keyboard intensive.

    Upon further investigation, I found out that it may be possible to specify different or additional message icons (these are icons that show on the left of the message titles). There are obviously limits to how many message icons we can have. We currently have a choice of 14 icons, including the thumbs up and down, faces, polls, etc. I am therefore thinking of asking people to submit ideas for message icons and then taking a poll to see which ones would be acceptable. This may take some time but I will do it if people have enthusiasm for this.

    Wise. u

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    dr. young, that would be a chill idea if it's not too difficult to implement. i made an icon for billyd as well as this one in a couple minutes. (granted, they are ugly like the other graphics i've tried to make) they are the same size and format as the original icons. melissa

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    melly, nothing you do is ugly, goofy girl. Shush up now. I love your artwork. Bye brat

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    Will the site accept any UBB code for smilies or just the ones specified?

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    i think you need glasses maynard

    i wonder if they could add some of those smiles to the key jeremy. do you know if that's possible dr. young?

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    Would you be interested in being our "icon-mistress"? According to the instructions of this site, an administrator can assign any URL to provide the file of icons that shows up for the message icons. I don't think that they give a choice regarding the instant smilies or UBB code (that is something that they have to code). Within the postings, as you know, people can create their own icons, put it in a .gif file on their server, and then when they reference the URL for their .gif file, the image will be displayed on the posting. Wise.a

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    hi dr. young, it looks like i'm a lil behind on my if people would like to have more icons i would be more then happy to help. hopefully my new web host won't die like the old one i had the ugly "go cure" graphic on. let me know what i can do to help. melissa

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