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Thread: Poll: Email verification on registration

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    Poll: Email verification on registration

    The Forum software has a feature where everytime a person registers in as a new user, they must give a valid email address. In fact, the registration is not valid until the person actually receives the email and clicks on a URL in the email to tell the server that the email has been received. I was reluctant to force everybody to provide a valid email address. However, it would be useful to get a valid email address for all registered users. If the site were ever to change URL's, for example, it would be useful to notify people of the change. Note that you can always indicate that you don't want to receive email from us and also the email address would not be displayed in your public profile. I would like to know if anybody objects to the email verification feature being turned on. I don't think that it affects people who have already registeredo

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    It is beginning to look as if nobody strongly objects to email verification. I will go ahead and implement the feature. By the way, people who object to the feature can continue to vote (I don't think that you have to be registered to vote or post on this particular forum). If a significant number of people object to the feature, I can always switch it off. Wise.

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    no objection

    I see no reason to object. On the NM brd many invalid e addresses are given. It seems prudent that the administrator(s) of the board validate the address. I would, if I were running a board. As long as the email address being made public on the board is up to the discretion of the poster, nobody should object.

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