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Thread: Welcome to the Books Forum

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    LOL, Kelly has attended the last two rallies in DC. You should drop by next year and say hello.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    Kelly is lovely, I have a few pictures of her from the Rallies.

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    I have expanded this forum from just books about disabilities to favorite books of members. This forum should be used to discuss your favorite authors and their work. Thanks. Wise.

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    Hi books I love learning
    My intrests in books are Medically related
    For nearly last 20 years i've studied medical lingo but I just majored in psychology
    Today UPS Dropped off my new Psychology book
    I love reading these books
    This learning curve I Call it is my Drive for Education even though I do not practice medicine I know what I need to know to get by
    Counselling is my main thing I was going to open a office but had a freak accident and put my life on hold temporarily .

    Still People always come to me all times of the week and we spend a hour here n there I love helping people get out of Ruts . I do it free because my main objective is helping others then I feel happy about life .

    So my newest book Is called Psychology 2009 I didnt open it yet but tomorrow I'll be burrying my face in it like always
    Life is fun learning
    Sincerely ;

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    The book is very interesting I really like it
    I got alot to read and catch up on it really is motivating me
    Just sayin hi

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    I know this is not a SCI book of sorts
    But this past week When I was in the hospital I read alot of passages from my old Bible and the word Righteousness kept poping up
    To me Being Righteous is Being positive and hanging in there not succumbing to failure .
    I feel righteous since my surgeryy My old Bible helped me deal with alot of issues on my mind and the answers to my questions were right there in the Bible
    Sincerely ;

    Luv ya all keep smiling ...

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    In 2005 my husband suffered from a complete brachial plexus avulsion injury. I have just completed writing a book called Dependence Day that tells about his accident, rehab, recovery, surgeries, pain and adaptation. It is a book about faith, family and friends and how God uses these to carry us through tragedy. I hope that it can be an encouragement to others who find themselves in difficult seasons. Search for Dependence Day on facebook for more information or go to

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    I really tip my hat off to you upon writing your book Dependence Day

    Some year's back immediately after I came out of the coma and surgeries things started falling in place for me regarding my experiences , ordeals etc... It was approx 14 days to be exact but the most profound experience of my life . I published a really kool poem whispers in my sleep , one thing led to another .

    I like to write poems and stuff of that nature .
    Before my freak accident I was a pretty prolific abstract poet and photographer , I would shot photos from 20 - 40 thousand feet in my friends plane .

    Sometimes I look at old photos and poems of my past and I am reminded that Now is my new chapter in my life to share my new experiences etc...

    The best part of expression is that there always is a way to get our point's ( views ) across .

    I'll check out your book
    Thank you
    Gypsy GL

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    We'll I did the unthinkable today

    I went to barnes / noble and ordered 6 books of all sorts of stuff
    2 on computer tech stuff and the others are kool various authors in medical feild
    so it should be interesting in about 3 to 6 days

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    Because my hands bother me alot I have trouble with my hairdoos
    Last night I ordered a couple of books about kool hairstyling from barnes / noble
    I like doing hair and it has been hard lately for the last 4 years with my hand cramps espec as a incomplete quad
    Maybe a new idea will inspire me or something
    I never get bored reading and learning

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