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Thread: Welcome to the Books Forum

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    Welcome to the Books Forum

    Many many books are published concerning spinal cord injury. Some of these are hard to get and virtually unknown to the spinal cord injury community. I made a small start by listing books from the National Library of Congress that have the keywords "spinal cord injury".

    Some of these books contain information that is not available anywhere else, including details of spinal cord injury in individual states, clinical views of how to manage spinal cord injury, and some of the statistics that we cite so freely.

    Please add postings concerning books that you know about spinal cord injury. Include the author, year, book title, publisher, and any other information that you have.


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    Dr. Young,
    This is a terrific idea! While my son was in 2.5 months of rehab (C 6-7 "complete") I read several books that helped me get my head straight. Art Berg's "The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer," (Accept responsibility for your own improvement. You can do this!!!) Kent Wladrep's book, "Fourth and Long" (Look beyond the local resources!!! Accept responsibility ..., How far we have come....) "The Lost Cord" (research overview) and W. Mitchell's book, "It's Not What Happens to You, It's What You Choose To Do About It" (You will be knocked down, but you will get back up again.)

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    The Mom, hi. Thanks. I am posting the books that you mentioned and their Amazon links. I am a great fan of amazon because they will not only find out-of-print books but give you access to inexpensive second hand books. Wise.

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    This is a wonderful list! You've made this librarian VERY happy!

    As an aside, I'm currently collecting, reading, and analyzing novels written for children and young adults concerning characters with sci. I'll be sending the article to various library science journals for consideration. It's fascinating...


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    This seems to be an unpopular author, but my favorite book about sci so far is "Moving Violations" by John Hockenberry. It's a memoir by a man who has led an eventful and successful life despite an sci at age 19. This book got me through rehab and I've given many copies of it as gifts. Somehow his mindset about moving on was in synch with my own. I guess people don't like him because he doesn't pursue a cure but at the acute stage, I found it to be very encouraging.

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    I'm reading that book right now, Beth, and enjoying it as well. The wry humor is something that's right in tune with me.

    Don't piss me off or I'll run over your toes.

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    Let me announce the publication of a first-person account book--LETTERS FROM THE EDGE: A Travelogue Through the Looking Glass of Paralysis by J Michael Kanouff. Published by Llumina Books, 2004.

    I'm a quadriplegic and this is what CHRISTOPHER REEVE had to say for the book jacket:

    "Michael Kanouff's LETTERS FROM THE EDGE is a gift to the world, not just those who live in the world of disability. With eloquence and a sharp sense of humor, he takes the reader on a journey from despair to inner peace.
    In the final chapter, "Fond Memories of the Future", he fantasizes about recovery. This is an act of courage that could be easily dismissed by cynics, but is actually a legitimate projection based on cutting-edge research.
    LETTERS FROM THE EDGE is a book to be treasured for its wisdom, given to us by a man who truly understands what it means to be alive."

    We were all crushed by the recent death of Christopher Reeve. I think he would encourage me to forge ahead in letting the world know more about living with paralysis and discovering a new world of positive personal growth.

    You can see a sample at

    Thank You Very Much-Michael Kanouff

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    I really enjoyed the book "No Pity" by Joseph Shapiro. For all you disability rights advocates out's not just about SCI, but touches on many disabilities. It's an interesting account of the history of the disability rights movement... truely made me appreciate the civil rights laws we have today and realize the fight people fought so us wheelchair users (and others with disabilities) could have more rights and more access among society.

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    I love books by Joni Eareckson Tada.A diving accident as a teen left her quadriplegic. She has used her inspirational paintings by mouth and story of how it brought her closer to God.I reccomend "Joni", her story written 3 years post-also a movie too,"When God Weeps" on why God allows suffering and "The God I Love"-looking back on her disability and her dependence on God through it all. Great author!

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    Forget about books. How do we get Kelly G back to the forum.

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