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    How would you define your level of Spasticity?????


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    I am not sure of your question. There is a scale used often in research for quantifying spasticity (the Ashworth Scale) although there is significant subjectivity in its use.

    Generally the line between tolerable and noxious spasticity has to do with the latter causing interference with function and activities of daily living (ADLs), pain, interference with sleep, hygiene or sexual activity, or interference with skin integrity, ROM or safety. This is very individual dependent on the person's level of injury, completeness, and particular spasticity pattern.

    If you want to know the severity of spasticity for others on this forum, you may want to post this as a poll.


    The goal in spasticity treatment is not

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    Thank you

    No, I'm not trying to find out in others, I just wanted some guidelines, I'm not on any med for this, I have some spasticity, but just wondered if there were any basics when someone evaluates an sci patient to determine if it's mild, moderate or severe


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