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Thread: Honda element

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    Suftcat, I'd thought I'd read elwhere that power chair users do use but they back up the rampand turn to the right (drivers side entry). Do you use power or manual chair? What are the pros and cons? Did you lower the car at all as suggested in previous posts? Ever towed a small (<1000 lbs) trailer with it? Thanks

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    Theres a company making a lift that raises you up to the drivers seat. You sit on it and it picks you up, you must transfer onto it first of course. about 3K can't remember who it was though.

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    Honda Element

    Depending on a user's chair and space requirements, ours is a possible alternative.

    Please check out...

    ...for pictures and a video.

    We will be measuring one up this evening.


    Scott Darnell

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    I also drive an Element (SC model comes two inches lower than the other models) with hand controls and no ramp. Plenty of room in the back seats to store wheelchair after breaking it down. Leaving plenty of room for two passengers.
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    It depends if you use a manual chair or a power chair. I use a power chair and the ones that day and tapped for the Honda Element are called X-Wav.

    I actually saw one at a disability Expo about a year ago, and I thought that it was awesome. Currently right now we own a Toyota sienna, and I thought that the ramp for the Honda was much wider. I think the Honda also has more clearance once the ramp is folded up; where as, some minivans are still very low to the ground and when you drive they scratched the bottom of the roads in some areas.

    I'm looking for a good deal on one. If you want to give one with a ramp and an elevation system which lowers the van up and down so the ramp isn't steep when you go in... the price is around $42,000.

    I'll probably trade in the Toyota and get the Honda. Good luck!

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    Having looked further at the Element, the uni-body structure is one we are not ready to tackle at this juncture. We have sent information to FMI concerning their reducing their lowered floor section to just the driver's compartment, then utilizing our DMS-3 wheelchair lift...but they are - understandably so - comfortable with their own approach. Perhaps one day...

    Hope everyone finds their wheelz!

    Scott Darnell
    Further OPTIONS, Inc.

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    Sorry for randomly digging this thread up, but I am looking for my first adapted vehicle and I would love an Element. I have not been injured long (10 months) so this is all kinda new too me... So, I have gotten really into handcycling and I want a car that I can fit all my stuff in. I have found that up here (in Northern VT), its hard to find a place to get a car adapted. Anyone know of any other place besides Freedom Motors in MI that does Elements? There is a Ride Away up here and they do Hondas but not Elements. I don't want a minivan and I have a QuickieTi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by williamphillipsjr
    I have one with a glide-n-go instead of lift and put the chait in back.

    Bill Phillips

    Bill, how tall are you? I'm 5'10" (all legs) and the mobility equipment places that I talked to didn't think a glide-n-go would work for me because of my height. I'm currently just transferring in and putting the chair in the back, but as I sit around today with a sore shoulder I'm wondering how long that will last...

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    I have an Element and use a folding chair and it fits easily behind the drivers seat. I also lowered it ~ 3" with Tiens coilovers and some additional camber adjusters. The drivers seat is only 1" higher than my chair and is easy to transfer into.

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