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Thread: Cindy Lift for sale

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    Cindy Lift for sale

    Use only 2-3 times, like-new condition. Located in Los Angeles county area.

    Cindy Lift

    If local, you can pick it up, otherwise buyer pays for shipping.

    Make an offer or for questions:

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    Bumping this up. Still available.


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    I'm not familiar with this kind of lift; don't quite understand its use. Does a sling go under the person's bottom? If so, is it easier or harder to position the sling than a regular Hoyer-type sling? Would it be useful to transfer a paraplegic person from sitting on the side of the bed into a chair? Would its use be feasible with a 200 lb person? I would consider it as a backup lift (I'm building a ceiling lift). I see you've had it for a while; I also saw your post from 2005 about why you want to get rid of it.
    - Richard

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    My mother never really liked it (my dad bought it without having her try it out first...always a mistake!). Here is another picture showing it in use. You do need to be seated first in order to use this. It is a bit like the Easy Pivot in that your back-side is free and the lift is on the front of your body.

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    Did you use it enough to be able to answer my other questions? I can see why someone might feel uncomfortable with it; again, I'm thinking backup, not primary lift.
    - Richard

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    A strap goes behind the thighs and another around the back. There is nothing under or over the buttocks. 200 lb. is fine. It will not raise a person from the supine position...they must be sitting to get into it, so it is best for going from wheelchair to toilet or sitting on the side of the bed. Use a ceiling track lift and a Take-Along lift for travel instead, which my mother prefers.


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    Thank you for your patience in answering my questions.
    - Richard

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    i just saw this, is it still available?

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    Yes. Please PM me.


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