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Thread: Anyone has a Ferticare that wants to get rid of?

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    Anyone has a Ferticare that wants to get rid of?

    I'm a C4-C5 quad. My wife and I would really love to have a baby. Does anyone have one that they don't have any use for it, and would like to help turn this little mirracle into a reality? Thank you so much and God bless! My email address is

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    the vibrator didnt work 4 me
    i will be home in feb
    find me at

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    We'd be interested in purchasing a ferticare as well. if you have one available.


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    hey hbostick,
    have you or do you know anyone who would like to get rid of a ferticare still?? I am T5 Para.


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    Hi All,
    If anyone is still interested in obtaining a Ferticare Personal, mine is up for sale. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me :-( I don't think it's been used more than twice. Cost over £400, sell for £250 ono and the price includes postage (next day delivery) UK only please
    Contact me at for more info/details.


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