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    Rigid Chair & Car

    I'm a T-8 complete para. I currently have a Ti Lite folding chair and use a Braun Chairtopper to store it on top of my car. Never realy felt comfortable/safe in this chair. I am considering a rigid frame chair and would be unable to use the Chairtopper. I would have to take the chair apart and store it in the car.

    I would like to hear from anyone that currently uses a rigid frame and a car (not a van). What make/model chair do you use? What type of car? How easy/difficult is it to get the chair into/out of the car? Pros/Cons? Recommendations of chairs.


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    Im a quad with a van but this post might get more exposure in the equipment forum.

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    I have a 1994 chevy extented cab and I am a T10 I use a Quickie GPV . You have to pull the chair around so the back rest facing you then pull the rope to let the back down. Then pick up the chair and balance it on the foot rest and spin it so you can take one wheel off and put it behind the passenger seat then spin around to take the other wheel off put that behind seat . After that grab it by the bar located under the seat and pull it across to put in passenger seat . It get easy after you do it a few times. Good Luck

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