for sale the Omega track off-road wheelchair
seat size 18x18 roho cushion brand new
Backrest j2 deep fit for a quad c5-c6 like me
Large rear strap for feet and gel padded arm rests
Chair weight empty 495 pounds
1 front air suspension lifts approximately 4 in.
2 rear air suspension lifts approximately 4 in.
3 tilt and also head rests
4 front projection lights rear flashing tale lights
5 safety air horn and on board air compressor
this chair would be great for someone on a farm or
who is in the Bush a lot or lots of snow
Have had the chair in a foot of heavy wet snow
with no problem and it will go over a street curb
it has excellent traction and aggressive knobby tires
it will go where a regular power chair would never imagine
the chair has an hour meter with 17 hours on it
this chair is a waste for me I do not need it where I live
it is an amazing chair for someone who can use it
it cost $52,000 will half price at $25,000 obo.CND.
or partial trade. must be seen
Pictures available upon request thank you