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Thread: Track Lift Scale?

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    Track Lift Scale?

    Is there such a thing as a scale that can be attached to a track lift? I'm thinking like those type you weigh fish on.

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    Hmm, what about this scale? It could be hung from the hook that the motor attaches to, and then the motor could be hung from the scale and I could be hung from the motor and weighed. I would have to subtract the weight of the scale though. Not a bad idea for 100 bucks eh?

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    This would probably work. Be sure you weigh the sling and subtract its weight too.

    The scales that are made for ceiling track lifts (all companies that make them have a scale option as an add-on) have a very nice feature that allows you to put the sling on the scale, then zero out the weight so that the reading (digital) is your true weight. They also usually have "memory" that keeps the last weight so you can read it even after you are off the track lift. Many mobile floor lifts have this feature available as well.


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    A floor freight type scale works too, that's what I use at work to weigh myself or my chair. Try courier companies, freight companies. A vet office might have one too? Don't forget to deduct the weight of the chair.

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    Yeah, I just want something at home because I hate going all the way to rehab or wherever to get weighed. Those medical lift scales are nice but EXPENSIVE!

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    Emi, I went on a diet a few months back and needed a way to keep up with my weight. I have a ceiling track lift and did pretty much the same thing you described. Just hang it on the lift and hook a sling on the scale. I have the 200 lb. model and it gets within 2 lbs.. My wife used it and the regular scale and they were the same, so it is very accurate. Here is the link:Hanson Scale: $49.95

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