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Thread: Permobil, Yes or No?

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    Permobil, Yes or No?

    I went to try out powerchairs yesterday and really liked the Permobil Chairman 2K w/Aeron Seating Permobil

    Does anyone here have this chair? Do you like it? Dislike it? Why? Have you experienced any problems? Were they easily fixed? I haven't had a new power chair since my first one 6 years ago. I don't want to make a bad decision and be stuck with something that sucks. So any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    My husband has had a permobil since 1989. He was just evaluated for a new one and it will make it his 3rd. one. They last about every 5 years or more if you are carefull in them. He would have no other kind. They say once you have a permobil you never want anything else. And so far this has been true for him. My husband is a big man, and the first one we had the back keep breaking and we would have to get it welded all the time, and we had some joy stick problems, and had to replace the drive motors. This last chair was made better and so far we might have replaced drive motors once. We are always buying tires, but that is because he puts a lot of miles on his chair. They are very expensive but if you are able to get one you are lucky in my opinion. We go camping and he goes off trails with his and just about anywhere. We can't wait for his new one to come in. Good Luck!!!

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    If you have to have a power chair, the Permobil is the best hands down in my opinion. I have a regular C2k with the seat elevator, and last summer I got a Permobil Stander. I have had very minor problems, but nothing that the local shop could not fix on site. I don't believe there is a better power chair and they even look better than most to me.

    Be sure to get the lowest seat to floor height possible, and also try to get the elevation feature. It makes a big difference in what you can reach, good for bars and being more at a eye level with people.

    E-mail me if you have questions.

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    Kimmy, my son has had a Permobil for about 2 years now, and we echo everything everybody else has said! It's a fantastic chair.

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