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    Is it reversable or curable when a cure comes about? I know standing will help, but seneca's post about his x-ray of his foot kind of scared me!

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    Since we know so little about the actual causes in SCI it is unclear if it really is "curable" or reversable, although it is likely that it would gradually reverse if the person was exercising their legs regularly in addition to standing. Standing alone apparently has little effect on preventing or slowing this process. In astronauts who have developed some osteopenia during long times in space, generally it has reversed once the person returns to full gravity and gradually increases their physical activity. Too much activity too soo can result in pathologic fractures.

    Most people with SCI will have osteopenia, which is not as bad as osteoporosis. If you want to know how severe yours is, the best test is bone densometry (more accurate than Xrays). For people with SCI, the best places to check are the distal femur (just above the knee), proximal tibia (just below the knee) and the neck of the femur. People with SCI rarely have bone density loss in their lumbar spine, which is one of the most common places in women after menopause.


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