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Thread: We need information about the Rehab facility in Lubbock , Texas.

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    We need information about the Rehab facility in Lubbock , Texas.

    We would really appreciate first hand advice about the Rehab facility in Lubbock. Is is known for their SCI program? If you have had in-patient and/or out-patient SCI rehab services there, could you please inform us of your level of satisfaction with all areas of treatment? How was the staff? Did you have a consistent "team" of staff assisting you? Did they have modern and up-to-date equipment? Did you receive OT, PT,etc. 7 days a week and a minimum of 3 hrs. a day? How does this facility compare to Baylor Rehab, HealthSouth, and Parkland Rehab? We need to find a rehab facility that is covered by Medicaid for Todd, my 32 yr old stepson. We want to choose an excellent facility as well. Ideally in the Dallas region. Some of my replies on my previous post, suggest the rehab in Lubbock is recommended. What is this facilities phone # that I could call to talk with staff there?

    As always, thank you for your consistent replies and help.

    Jan and Jim

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    Highland Medical Center& University Medical Center-Rehab

    Jan & Jim,
    I was able to find the Highland Medical Center-Rehabilitation Center in Lubbock Texas. Their phone number is 806-788-4195. Also Located University Medical Center-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation...806-743-2040. Don't know which of the two you might be looking for. I used the Yellow pages search engine and went from page to page. Hope this is of some help. I know that there is supposed to be an outstanding surgeon in Lubbock who does SCI. I will dig for his name also. Best of luck.

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    I personally would be interested in their rehabilitation accreditation (CARF). According to the list we have here, they are not CARF accredited in either Medical Rehabilitation or SCI Rehabilitation. CARF accreditation is the only objective evaluation of the quality of a program. These centers are CARF SCI accredited (in Texas):

    1. Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation at Gaston Episcopal Hospital, 3505 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75246, 214-826-7030

    2. HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Center, 2124 Research Row, Dallas, TX 75235, 214-904-6110

    3. Rio Vista Rehabilitation Hospital, 1740 Curie Drive, El Paso, TX 79902-2901, 915-543-6889

    4. The Institute for Rehab. & Research, 1333 Moursund Street, Houston, TX 77030-3405, 713-799-5000

    Our list could be out of date though, so you might ask them. CARF will also let you know if yo contact them directly

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