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Thread: Need help getting a new chair...

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    Need help getting a new chair...

    or my old one fixed. My mom showed me this site, so I thought I'd give it a try. Let me introduce myself: My name is Terry. I'm 22 years old. I have been paralyzed since I was 16. I broke my neck in a car accident at the c6 level. The driver had no insurance, so basically I was screwed. I live in this run-down old town where nothing is accessible and the roads are dirt. My electric wheelchair broke down and I can't get another one for like 9 months. I was hoping to find someone on here who had a chair for sale that my family could afford, but from what I've seen, I guess that's not gonna happen! Any of you who might have some ideas on getting a new chair or my old one fixed, please email me!! How do people afford $27,000 for a chair?! That's almost what my family makes in a year! Am I too poor to be on here?

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    I have a blue rascel that has both the chair front and the scooter front. The seat raises and swivels. It is rated for 450 pounds. The pieces disassemble for car trunk transport. It was purchased in 1998 and has been used less than 20 hours as a back up to my chair. If you want more information email me at

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