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Thread: Wheel options?

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    Wheel options?

    I'm having to decide whether to get 24", 25", or 26" wheels for my new chair. My understanding is that 25" wheels are actually the same as 26" bicycle wheels--is this the case? The OT doesn't seem to know the benefits or drawbacks to any of these size differences. I'm leaning toward the size that is the same as bicycle wheels so I can get tires, tubes, etc. from the local bicycle shops. Any ideas?

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    I tried that idea, but being (formerly) 6'6", I *must* use 26" tires or the geometry of the chair's all screwed up.
    I found 26"res are really some strange metric size, 559x20, or something. Impossible to find tires at the local bike store, unless they special order them.
    I once had to buy an emergency 26" tire, and it was just enough too big that it would roll off the rim during a spin type turn.
    Nobody in the rehab world seemed to know much about "regular" bike tires on a wheelchair, besides that they'll leave black marks on the floor.

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