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Thread: Tisport TT

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    Tisport TT

    Anyone out there riding a new Tisport TT? How do you like it? I am planning to order a new chair very soon, but I do not know whether to try the new TT or get the TRC. Any opinions would be great!

    Mike (aka Neurosis)

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    I'm also interested in hearing anybodies opinion on this chair along with any other cantilever design chair. (Ti TT, RGK Hi_LIte or Better Made Wheelchair Ti)

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    I'm in the market for a new chair as well. TiSport seems to have several models of cantilever chairs with various configurations: ZRA, TT, TTC. Because I'm a recent chair user the ZRA looks like it would offer more adjustability than the others. Also, would anyone have feeback regarding the Spinergy Spox wheels and X-Core wheels? It seems like these are offered on many higher-end chairs. In advance thanks for your comments.

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