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Thread: Ordering a wheelchair?

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    Ordering a wheelchair?

    I have been renting a "lightweight" chair (Quicky Breezy 600) for the past month or so but I realistically should purchase a more long-term chair--preferably one that is much lighter and manoeuverable. I've been given a prescription for a chair but would like some infomation on how to get the best chair possible through my PPO. How should I best approach this?

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    Do you have a rehab physician or a PT or OT with wheelchair experience? Who wrote the prescription?

    If it just says "wheelchair" it is unlikely that you will get the type of chair you actually need. Be sure to see a professional who can do an evaluation, have you try out several chairs from several different companies (not just one) and then write a very specific prescription complete with brand, model and all the measurements and features you need. This should be accompanied by a letter of medical necessity, which a rehab physician can write, or can be written by the therapist and signed by your physician.

    Your PPO may determine which vendor you can use, but also be guided by the therapist in choosing from the approved list. Be prepared to get turned down at first, and then to have to file an appeal. It sucks, but that is how the insurance industry works currently.


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    Thanks for your response. My original prescription is fairly vague--it merely said "lightweight wheelchair, 16"x16". I'm young and active and this chair, while sufficient in the short term, is complete inadequate for my lifestyle. I'll certainly take advantage of your advice as I embark on this new project.

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    Cali- We have several members from California that could point you in the right direction. I would sugest you start at . They have all the latest info and can point you in the right direction. How long have you been in a chair and what level are you? Keep in mind your daily activities when you order. I knew when I got out of rehab it would be some time before I had a sidewalk to my house so I got the off-road mountain bike type tires. Also keep in mind upgrades. Its easier to down grade with the insurance then upgrade. Go for top of the line and work your way down. Good luck!


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    Most insurances consider the "Breezy" a "light weight" wheelchair, so I suspect all you would get with this prescription would be a 16" Breezy. You need something much more specific, including brand, model, etc.


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