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    I am a t6 with a manual chair. Does anyone know of a way or a piece of equipment that can be used to go up and down stairs. I would have other people to help me or be able to use the equipment to help me? Thanks

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    Sterling Stairlift. You should be able to transfer on/off alone if you can do your own transfers on/off of bed or toilet, etc. A little slow, but works very well.

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    There are permanently installed stair lifts but of course these only work in your own home. Some require you to transfer to a mobile seat, while others are platform lifts that allow you to remain in your chair. With the first type, someone would have to carry your chair up the steps for you or have an upstairs and downstairs chair, but you could operate it yourself.

    If you want something portable, you would need something like these (which require at least one other person to operate. Some of these are European or Canadian):

    Scalamobile or






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    actually, a while ago i saw a para in a manual chair who backed up to some stairs in front of a house, leaned his chair back, put his hands on the stairs, and climed the stairs with his hands, like a crab-walk or something. i hadn't thought about trying that before. he must have had a seat belt though to drag the chair along with him. i'd try it, but i didn't see how he got back up once he got to the top.

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