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Thread: 6 mos. As confused as ever?!?

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    6 mos. As confused as ever?!?

    Hey everyone.
    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my situation.
    In september I all of a sudden lost all use of my legs from the hips down. I had surgery for what dr's thought was a herniated disc which turned out to be calcium deposits which had been growing on or out of my spinal cord @ T 7-8. We aren't sure what caused the deposits or exactly where they had started at. After sugery I had minimal return (just being able to move my toes) so my parents sent me to a rehabilitation center. Once I got there they started therapy and got me standing on my own and walking a couple of steps with assistance. Because of this the Dr's and Nurses say I did not have a spinal cord injury because I can take steps.
    Could someone please help me understand this madness?!?

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    double_a, welcome to CareCure!

    You're right, it is madness. And the madness is in the doctors and nurses who told you that. It shows that they know nothing about spinal cord injury. You must find a place with doctors, nurses and physical therapists who know about spinal cord injury.

    Where do you live? Someone here will probably know of a place with knowledgeable people who can help you. Finding a Model SCI Center would be of great help to you. There are also a couple of helpful links here.

    I have a C6 injury, and, because of good therapy I can walk with a cane. By their definition, I'm cured .. what nonsense!

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    I was told I didn't need to go to a SCI rehab center because my cord was "just bruised"! Mind you I haven't been able to walk since it happened 12 years ago. Please follow the advice Bruce gave you, and if you have to, beg your parents to send you to another rehab center. If you can get them to look at this website, they'll learn a lot here. I wish you the best for a good rehab and recovery.

    Linda H.

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    there are alot of incompletes here that can move or walk. That doesn't mean you don't have a spinal cord injury.
    I am a T12 incomplete, I can walk some but yes I do have a spinal cord injury. I have no balance, No bladder or bowel control. that's just a couple things, but really sounds like your Dr. & his nurse have their heads up their butt's!!!!!!!!!!
    If he can't figure that out he need's to quit or go back to school.

    I didn't go to a spinal cord rehab either, but they missed my burst fracture"for 2 months" and did all they could to get me the hell out of there! No training at all, in fact they put me in the very back part of the rehab after I did have surgery.

    If one thing I have learned, I will not go to a teaching hospital ever again! I had no choice this time, but never again. I also would hate to think what might have happened to me if they had found it and done surgery!! kinda makes me sick to think about it!

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