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Thread: I would like to be able to ask a question to Dr. Wise Young

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    I would like to be able to ask a question to Dr. Wise Young

    Hello Dr. Young. I have been reading all the information on the carecomunnity and Sci sites.
    I am very interested in sharing and optaing some information with you.
    My son is paralized due to a snipper shot to his neck, while in active duty in Irak. He has been injured for a year! At presente he is still in hospital caring for an ulcer. He has low blood pressure, but has learned how to do alot for himself, even being very depressed.
    maria Baez

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    Hello Maria,
    Welcome to CC. You will find tons of information on this site. When questions come up regarding your son's care, equipment, home exercise, rehab, diet, treatment, etc. you can just use the search function on this site and locate many, many responses and opinions, as well as helpful links.

    The caregiver forum is a bit sparse, but I believe that most caregivers, like myself, are quite often too busy to post. Being a caregiver is tough work. Suddenly, you need to be strong, smart, resourceful and yet know when to step back and let your loved one figure it out for themselves.

    Dealing with depression is something both of you have to fight through. Ask for help from your medical professionals. Ask for help from your family. Ask for help from clergy. In short............don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

    As far as this community goes, there are many, many posts regarding depression. Click on the search function and type in depression. Be prepared to read some heart-wrenching posts. There is lots of good info in there though.

    Please post any specific questions that you have. I think your question was regarding depression. But, maybe you needed some advice about bringing you son home? In any case, we will do our best to help.

    email me anytime you wish

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    I am going to move your message over to the New SCI forum and close it there. You can find your message here.

    I am so sorry about your son's injury. You can be proud of the service he did for his country. Thank him for this ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

    I assume your son is in a VA SCI Center, is that correct? Is he at the center in Tampa? They have an excellent program there.

    Is it a pressure ulcer he has or a stomach ulcer? What is being done for his low blood pressure? This is a common problem, esp. with high level SCI. The combination of compression hose, abdominal binders, good hydration, and sometimes medications to increase the blood pressure usually can control this problem. The more time he spends out of bed standing or in the wheelchair, the less problem he will have with this as well.

    What is his team telling you about his care? Are you visiting often to get regular teaching, attending classes, and getting reading materials? Has your son had his military discharge processed yet? Is he working with a PVA NSO?

    We might be able to help more if you have more specific questions or concerns that you want us to address. Please let us know how we can help.


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    I am so sorry to hear about your son. Decubiti ulcers can really set things back because they force bedrest and inactivity. I hope that it is getting better.

    Low blood pressure is common in people with cervical spinal cord injury. I assume that he is at a VA hospital in the United States and has had the appropriate medical attention to various problems that can cause low blood pressure. If you would like, we can discuss that.

    Depression. What level of spinal cord injury does your son have? The reason that I ask is whether or not he can operate a computer and get onto the internet. Many people with spinal cord injury get situational depression and this can be helped by contact and communication with people. For example, if he comes to this site, he will find many people with cervical spinal cord injuries, including some who have been shot in the neck.

    He may also have questions about his care and cure. If he posts these questions, many people will respond. I believe that knowledge empowers people.

    Please ask any question and we will all be proud and honored to help in anyway possible.


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