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Thread: Return after 2 years

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    Im classed as a T6 complete when i had my injury,but now after 2yrs i have muscle movement down to T10 and and can feel little patches of sensation in different places below my injury,I can also tell where a knock is anywhere below my injury too.So if im complete how the hell can that happen. I believe anything can happen. Doctors told me basically i had no chance of any improvement,coz my back was dislocated completely in half. what a load of crap that was!
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    Well i've been hitting the gym quite significantly lately. it's been about 3 weeks solid. Working out 3-4 days a week. I am getting close to my 3 year injury mark. We shall see if this theory really works. Perhaps it's the straining of electrical signals when you work out your able bodied components that seem to accidently branch off. While branching off hitting unworking neurons and bringing them back to life?

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