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Thread: quad or para

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    quad or para

    what is the cut-off level that determins whether someone is a quad or para?

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    Typically, T-1 and below is a para, I believe. But it all depends on the damage done to the spinal cord.


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    quad or para

    chimera -- SCI's are considered quadriplegic or tetraplegic (paralysis of all 4 limbs to some degree) when the cervical spinal cord nerves are damaged C7-8 and above.

    Injuries T1 and below are considered paraplegic.
    Each injury will be classified as complete or incomplete depending on the motor and sensory nerve functions still left intact below the level of injury or lesion.

    You also may hear the terms quadriparesis and paraparesis which mean weakness in the involved limbs. Hemiparesis (such as with a stroke) means half of the body is involved. PLG

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