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Thread: New T12 SCI

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    Originally posted by Pluto64:

    I was told that all the recover I would make would take 18 month. Currently I can walk with a cane with my left leg having all muscle movement, but I have to wear a AFO on my right leg due to foot drop. Both legs are weak with my left leg being the strongest. Feeling is almost all there on my right leg with little feeling in my left leg below the knee.
    Welcome, Pluto64--a couple of things:

    First, ignore that 18month bs. They don't know what will happen when or to whom. They only know what the probability of something happening is. And so you have to just assume that you'll be outside the curve and give everything you've got to recovering as much as you can.

    Second, you might have the kind of injury called Brown-Sequard, which means that your cord is damaged mostly on one side. The reason I say this is that in Brown-Sequard, there's usually good motor on one side and good sensation on the other.

    My husband has this, as do several others on these boards. His injury is at c6, but he also walks with a cane, and continues to make small gains after 4 years.

    The majority of people with Brown-Sequard do recover walking, but often require intensive pt to get there. So, keep after it! Here'sa link to a post Bruce made that shows his setup at our house.

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    Pluto...I'm an L1 burst fracture. I was pretty similar to where you are after a year. Through lots of exercize and PT I can walk pretty well unassisted. I started out w/ a cane but haven't needed it for 6 months now. I am 3 1/2 years post injury and am still getting return. My bowel, bladder and sex is still a problem as is the neuropathic pain, but I'm getting by w/ meds for that. Check out the T12 thread that MikeC posted, it has a lot on info.


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    Are you walking better now?

    In response to Pluto64, are you walking better now since your injury?

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    T12, you realize that this thread is over 6 years old, right? The people posting may not still be frequenting our forums. You may want to start your own thread and ask questions specific to your needs. Welcome to our forums!


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