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Thread: Stem cells - Needed assistance

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    Stem cells - Needed assistance

    I am Shweta Mehta from India of age 22. I am on wheelchair. I met with an accident 10 years back with truck. I have sensory nerves working. Doctors gave me statement that I cannot walk whole life as my motor nerve on the lower spine D 12 on right and L 4 on left have been pressed. Its not damaged or broke but pressed, due to that I can be independent only with the help of Crutches and Calipers and hope to walk again as nerve is just compressed not broke.

    I gave efforts and carry on walking with help of sticks and calipers. I walked but though with great efforts, still I couldn't climb the staircase. This problem leaded me to get in wheelchair which I find more comfortable and independent. I can do now lot of more things and be engaged in business and studies.

    Before some months I heard breaking news of STEM CELL THERAPY - A hope. Does stem cell therapy help in curing Traumatic Flaccid Paraplegic?? If I want to go for stem cell therapy, how do I reach in India or abroad ?? If I want to contact main doctors itself for my case, could u please connect me to that doctor to know whether stem sell will work in my case or not?

    I will be much grateful to get your opinions, consequences, results, or suggestions in this matter.
    Please let me know my status or am I qualified? I didn't went through any operation after my accident. But recently I got my bone broken so had implanted rod in right leg. I have much spasticity but I can remove it with help of exercise.

    Please let me know my status of whether I can walk through yours Doctors? Any India Doctors references for Stem Cells?
    I will be glad to receive any information, suggestions, and recommendations to cure spinal cord injuries
    I have read ant 2 to 3 doctors namely Dr.Lima of Portugal,Dr.Huang of Beijing and Dr.Samuiel of Russia which have cured many spine injuries patients. Please help me where i go or any specific info to reach this knowledegeable doctors. I m lost of whom to proceed.Before some days i came across this site.
    Please inform me the creditability and your recommendations for the above doctors and the above mentioned site.
    I will be really glad to know the perfect answers.
    Awaiting your reply,
    Thanking You,
    Yours Sincerely,

    Shweta Mehta.

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    I am glad you have found our site. There is currently no stem cell therapy in the USA. You already know about the programs in China, Korea and Portugal. I am not aware of any such programs in India. I don't think anyone has yet actually been cured. Some people have gotten some sensory or motor return after these procedures.

    The center in Tijuana, Mexico is a scam and is not a legitimate therapy program. I know many people who have gone there and their only result is a significantly depleted bank account.

    I would suggest that you spend some time reading the posts on the Cure forum by those who have had cell implantation therapy (stem cell or OEC) in China and Portugal. You could certainly apply to Dr. Huang (his contact information is posted on the Cure forum), but keep in mind that the costs can be prohibitive for many, and the waiting list is long.

    Meanwhile I hope you will continue to participate in our forums, as well as advocate for more research in this area.


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    Hello KLD,
    Thank u very much to enlighten me.I will be ofcourse be connected carecure as its very informative and helpful.i will be glad to talk to patients underwent Dr.Hunag and Dr.Lima.

    Thanks once again,
    Warm Regards,

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    Stem Cell research in Mexico is not even well thought!,so now when I saw the name: Baja Mexico,more specific Tijuana,I will be honest: DO NOT trust in anything that is offered by a Mexican business!,not real!,I live in Baja (Tijuana) and if it were a reality I would be the first one looking for the therapy.

    When the first realities about stem cell and cures start to appear,the results will be shown and the first people using those therapies will be people like Michael J.Fox.

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