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Thread: Possiblity of any recover

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    Possiblity of any recover

    First let me say, I am so thankful I found this website. I've found a lot of optimistic info so far and that gives me comfort.My boyfriend was in a car accident on 5/7. He suffered a broken neck and fractured his spine (I hope I'm stating this correctly). The damage was done at the C5 vertebrae. He was treated with the steriod, with traction to re-align the fracture, and surgery to fuse 2 vertebrae together. The doctors call his injury "virtually in-complete". What does that mean? He has very good sensation all over his body. He can feels his legs, feet and can tell you how you are touching him (ex.rubbing or pinching?), but he can not move them. He can move his left arm some, but not his left hand. Before the surgery, he was able to move his right arm, but hasn't had much since. He can move both shoulders. He is in a halo for three months. He can tell us when he really needs to urinate and can feel when he does. He is already doing physical therapy. What is the possible range of recovery? He needs to know there is hope for some recovery of mobility. Are there any trials or studies he could participate in? Any info provided would be greatly appreciated.

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    Kym, I am so glad you found us. It sounds like he is getting appropriate care. Is he in a specialty SCI Center for rehabilitation? This is critical for his long-term success. If you want to share where he is located, we could help to determine if he is in the right place for his rehabilitation.

    It sounds like his injury is fairly incomplete. Can he feel pain (pin prick) and temperature below his level of injury, or just pressure and position sense? He may have what is called anterior cord or anterior spinal artery syndrome.

    It is way too early to tell how much he will get back, but return or appearing incomplete this early is a very good sign. It is probable that he will get more return, but only time will tell how much. He can determine what he does with what comes back, but how much he gets back is more determined by luck and his injury extent than anything else. Many people who are incomplete continue to get some return for 2 years or more after their injury.

    He might be a candidate for the Proneuron trials (see the message about this at the top of this forum) but he is running out of time as he must be on-site at the location within 15 days after his injury. It would be important to call them immediately.

    Keep in touch here, and get him on-line as soon as you can.


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    He is currently at UNC Chapel Hill NeuroScience Hospital. He is not in a rehabilitation center yet, but he is doing PT from his hospital room every day. Last night when i got there he surprised me. He is now moving his left foot and is able to hold up his left a few inches off the bed. He can pain/temp in his arms, not sure about legs but I will definitely check this evening. Unfortunately he has no insurance,but he's applied for disability, medicaid, SS. I've stressed how important it is for him to take advantage of the rehab center at UNC. It would benefit him more (in my opinion) to be there with trained therapist on a disciplined routine than just doing the exercises from home. He can warn us of his bowel movements and let us know when his bladder is full, but can't control them yet.

    thanks for the reply!!

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    Just wanted to let you know we've had some great progress. He is now able to move his left leg in and out, hold it up, wiggle ankles and toes, he can move his left arm all the way to his chin, and finally we've slight movement in the right arm. He can feel hot/cold sensation almost everywhere. A few spots on his abdomen are still slow, but he CAN feel pinprick sensation b/c he can feel when he gets a shot in his abdomen.

    I hope these are all good signs of what is to come. Here we are 5 weeks with post injury with a lot to be happy about. Please reply!!

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    Sounds good! Is he in an inpatient rehab program yet?


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