My brother is still in the the SNF one of the problems that he struggles with is bowel, they do not seem to have him on a regular "bowel program". I have been reading that these are recomeneded. He has a terrible time with constipation, discomfort and his stomach is so distended that he looks to be about nine months pregnant. I have been taking him fresh fruit and vegetables and have started taking him cranberry juice because he has frequent UTI's. He gets a suppository every other day, prune juice every day, milk of magnesia, something similar to metamucil, he drinks water by the pitcher full. I think that I mentioned before that he is the only SCI patient in this particular facility, it is primarily geriatric patients, I am trying to get him transfered to a rehab facility and have him scheduled for an assessment. One of his nurses is working with me to try and come up with solutions to help him, it's very frustrating because they rarely see a doctor there and once a month see a nurse practitioner and we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with this bowel situation?
Thank you, Peggy