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    My Friend Is doing really good right now.
    He has improved greatly.
    His vertebrae are healed and he nolonger has to wear the neck brace as of this week.
    He is using a manual wheelchair very well.
    He is at home now and getting PT/OT at home.
    I know the best situation would be for him to be an inpatient at a SCI Rehab. But I dont make the decisions for him. I just find out all I can about his conditon and the best options for him and he goes from there.
    He is very determined to get back as much function as he possibly can.
    He has regained some upper thigh muscle movement.
    He has pretty good tricep and bicep now.his grip is still weak, especially on the left.
    His fine motor skills in his hands arent spectacular yet either, but they have improved some. also he is regaining some trunk/ab muscles. He does have quite bad spasms in his legs. especially during catherazations.
    He cannot transfer himself,or do his own caths yet. But I dont think it will be long at the rate he is progressing.
    He never seems to be depressed or discouraged.
    He is amazing to me.

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    This is all good news Cam. I'm pretty sure he'll see greater returns.

    If I can recall, he's only about 3 months post. So all these little things will turn into big things in the long run.


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    Thanks Rickhemi.. And Yes He is exactly 3 months post.
    I am curious as to what he should be doing as far as rehab goes.
    I mean I think sometimes that his in home PTS are not doing enough work with his legs..I have no clue what they should be doing,so I could be mistaken.
    I also meant to mention that he has no need for stimulation in his bowel care. From What I have read here I think thats positive also, right?
    And just as of 2 days ago he can twirl a Yo Yo.
    And catch it in his We are very proud..
    Thanks guys.

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