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Thread: Check out my girl

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    Check out my girl

    God has blessed us to no end. I'm curious, could Dr. Young or SCI nurse comment on future return. She's not quite 7 mo. post.

    She still has no bowel or blatter. She walks at home now and she started walking in school last week. She's off all baclofen now, but still needs the neurotin (1200 mg day) for the pain in right foot. Also taking diptropan (10 mg day). The walking has improved a bit since this video taken late January 05. Something new has been the vibrating of her right (bad) leg in the evening sometimes (has only happened a few times), it's like shes hooked up to a vibrater on something, really weird.

    Let me know what you think.


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    Great video, Rick! Thanks for sharing it. So glad to see Sarah making such good progress.

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    you and sarah are so blessed

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    Very cool!! I'm really happy she's improving. And rapidly!

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    Rick, it is great. Wise.

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    Best wishes for continued progress and health!

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    Thats awsome Rick,really cool to see.I hope everything keeps going her way..

    ~~If it feels good do it even if ya shouldnt,dont let people mess you around~~

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    really Great to see!!

    Best wishes for her continued recovery


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    WOW 'Spectacular Sarah'

    You have a very strong and brave girl rickhemi.
    You are blessed!

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    Great! Can't you get her to join us?


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