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Thread: regarding bowel program.

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    regarding bowel program.

    My brother who is 7 months post C6-incomplete spinal cord injury uses colace 10 mg suppository on daily basis for his bowel program.Lately,its only after digital stimulation he usually have bowel movement.

    Does prolong use of colace and digital stimulation reduce his chance of getting back his bowel control.

    Can anyone suggest a better alternative.

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    Parthi, by the way I gave my doctor the email you gave me and he said he attempted to email you regarding hospitals in India but got no response. Maybe the email was incorrect.

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    Colace (DSS) is not a stimulant. It is a stool softener. It should be taken routinely, not 'as needed'. Dosage should be adjusted to maintain a soft formed stool. It does not reduce the need for dig stim or for the use of a suppository.

    There is no evidence that either digital stimulation or use of stool softeners has any impact on long term return of bowel function. Long term use of digital stimulation will increase the risks of hemorrhoids...that's about it.

    Most people with SCI need to continue to do digital stimulation to get their bowels to empty when they are doing bowel care. Also be sure that he is doing bowel care up on a toilet or commode instead of in bed, that bowel care is done within 30 minutes after eating a meal, and that he is eating a high fiber diet (30 gm. of fiber daily). Of course enough fluid intake is also least 2 1/2 liters daily, more if he sweats or the weather is hot.


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    By keeping the bowel healthy through regular pooping, the function will be preserved in the event there is recovery. So good bowel care is important, even when one is hoping for return.


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    Thanks for your kind gesture.My e-mail id is

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    Hi Parthi,
    I'm a C6 incomplete. I take 1 colace 10 mg around 2 p.m. At around 8 p.m. I take 2 10 mg colace and 2 Senokot. I admister a Magic Bullet soppository at around 6:30 a.m. while laying in bed on my left side. 20 to 25 minutes later I get on a commode chair. Using this technique my bowel program lasts around an hour to an hour and a half with good results. I still need some stimulation to get the last out but not much.

    Keep in mind diet is important. I usually eat very lite and always have fruit or raw veggies with my meals. I eat little meat and drink pleanty of water.

    Keep fast foods at a minimum stay away from greasy fatty foods.Hope this helps your brother.


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