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Thread: duration for ditropan ?

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    duration for ditropan ?

    My brother who had C6-incomplete spinal cord injury in july 2004 has been cathetarised for bladder program. He is on Ditropan 5mg tablets for past 6 long is he suppose to take ditropan tablets.
    He also complaints of backache(at thoracic part) for past 3 days.what might be the cause for the pain.

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    the Ditropan is for bladder spasms to counter incontinence, which is common with paralysis. I have had problems with this and am on the next strongest medication, Detrol. I don't know your brothers situation and am no doctor but the spasms get worse after the time immediately following the injury. My doctor told me I was in what was known as spinal shock and my bladder spasms didn't start until a few months after the accident. As for the pain, I have had pain in my mid/lower back since the day I woke up from my coma. I recently had the rods and screws removed from my spine and the pain has subsided somewhat. I don't know what the cause of your brothers new pain is but I would suggest not speculating and ask a doctor.

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    He is likely to require the ditropan for a long time, as long as he has bladder spasticity.

    Backache is interesting. If he has a C6 injury and the backache is in his lower back, this suggests that he can feel his back and the cause is probably related to his posture or seating. Hopefully, it will go away.


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    Back pain over the lower ribs can also be associated with kidney infection. If he also has a fever, is very tired, or is leaking urine unusually, he needs to see his physician for treatment.

    Most people need to take an anticholenergic medication like Ditropan or Detrol for the rest of their lives with a SCI. If anything changes, it is more likely that a larger dose would be needed rather than smaller or none.


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    Looks like you have gotten all the professional advice...I just wanted to let you know from a fellow users prospective. I have been using 5mg of ditropan for 23 years and have not had any adverse problems or side effects (except for the dry mouth thing). Even after this long it is still able to stop my bladder from spasming.

    I sure hope your brother gets relief from the back pain though...nothing is as exhausting as pain.


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