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Thread: 4 year old daughter sci

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    4 year old daughter sci

    June 21, 2004 we were in a car accident.Her injury is at T-10 bruise.She has gotten back alot of return in her legs.She has movement and sensation to L-4. She does have hamstring sensation and movement it weak.No movement or sensation in feet and half way to her knee.Please Helpis she complete or incomplete??? Accourding to the Asia test she is Asis A.I have Dr. that will look at her an say that she incomplete.

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    You've found the right place for answers, opinions, and hope.
    I don't have comment except to say your daughter is young, and her injury relatively new. There is no telling what could happen for you both.
    Cathy J
    Also, click on "find" and type in anything you need to know about. You will find a lot of info, read, read.

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    I am moving this over the the New SCI forum that is a more appropriate location.

    Technically, in order to be considered sensory incomplete (ASIA B) she would have to have sensation around her anus and genitals. Does she have this? Is her physician expert in SCI Medicine?

    Here is an article you may want to read by Dr. Young:

    Spinal Cord Injury Levels & Classification


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